Masseur Gießen Öl Auf Frau Bauch, Massageöl

Shopping, Massage, Thermal, and Detox Spas. The resort has plenty of ways to relax and recover for when you’re not on the water.

Thermal Therapies


Spa Oxigen Sauna

Dry heat at 85 C. Thermotherapy for vasodilation (the dilatation of blood vessels), helps increase heart rate and respiratory frequency. Relax and brings balance

Steam Bath

Bano De Vapor

Humid heat at 50C. Steam helps the respiratory system and temperature stimulates blood circulation.

Salt Cabin

Spa Oxigen Cabina De Sal

Halotherapy. Enjoy all the therapeutic advantages of salt, it prevents from disorders of articulations, stress, chronic tiredness and cardiovascular problems, also helping get over cutaneous and respiratory illnesses.

Ice Cabin

Pared De Hielo

Invigorates and reactivates our body and mind, activates blood circulation and creates a stimulating action on the nerves. Improves blood circulation.


Spa Oxigen Circuito

Waterfalls, massage jets, swan necks, airbeds and thermal relaxation loungers.


Sala Masajes

Center of massage where a professional masseur will tone your muscles or will relax you during your vacation.It helps to rebalance , muscles, Dissipates tension and pain by providing wellbeing and relaxation. Recommended for all types of people.


Empord – 50 Mins


Anti stress Body massage that brings peace to the body thanks to the aromatic cocktail of essential oils . Ideal in processes of anxiety and nervousness. It harmonizes physically, psychically and emotionally states.

Reflexology – 40 Mins

Zabieg Pielęgnacyjny, Wyszczuplanie Ciała. Kosmetyczka Owija C

Combines foot reflexology with facial, cranial, scapular and cervical massage. Relaxes mind and soul while re-balancing the body through the work of the body meridians. Ideal to unblock energies.

Osteopathy – 50 Mins


Holistic technique that returns the balance of bone structure, muscle structure and energy, through massage and manipulations.

Facial-Craneal Massage – 45 Mins


Works the face, neck (cervical), shoulders and the scapular area. Stimulates the skin, the circulation and the lymphatic system.

Dou Yin & Yang – 50 Mins


Massage to choose for 2 people at the same time. The pleasure of sharing a magnificent experience,done by two professional masseurs, perfect and harmonically synchronized.

Presotherapy – 50 Mins

Zabieg Pielęgnacyjny, Wyszczuplanie Ciała. Kosmetyczka Owija C

Localized therapy of legs and abdomen performed with equipment used in physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine to mobilize the lymphatic and venous flow, improving edema, cellulite and muscle pain associated with venous insufficiency.

Lymphatic Drainage – 50 Mins


Facial-cranial lymphatic drainage and pressure therapy in the legs and belly. Ideal in inflammatory processes. Promotes the elimination of toxins and intensify the immune system.

Localised Sport Massage – 45 Mins


Personalized and localized massage that resets the muscular and structural imbalances before or after exercise.

Corporal Abhyanga – 50 Mins

Masseur Gießen Öl Auf Frau Bauch, Massageöl

Ayurvedic massage that means Loving Hands. Immerse yourself in a hot almond oil balm to nourish body and soul.

Corporal Abhyanga + Champi (Craneal) – 80 Mins


Ayurvedic massage that means Loving Hands. Immerse yourself in a hot almond oil balm to nourish body and soul.

Body Rituals

Oxigen sea – 50 Mins

Ritual Mardeoxigen 1024x682 1

Body ritual with packing therapy (choose between cocoa or seaweed) plus a deep body hydration thanks to the softening texture of almond oil and tangarine essence.

Let yourself be seduced by the aromatherapy.

Sea Crystals – 50 Mins

Ritual Cristalldemar 1024x682 1

Body exfoliation + deep body hydration. Revitalizing exfoliation based on almond oil and Dead Sea salt.

Deep body moisturizing thanks to the softening texture of macadamia oil flavored with mandarin essence.

Body exfoliation – 25 Mins

Ritual Exfoliacio 1024x682 1

Body exfoliation that nourishes in depth thanks to the cocktail of Dead Sea salts and Macadamia oil.

Aloha – 110 Mins


Body exfoliation + wrapping + empord?elixir : Wrap that harmonizes body, mind and spirit.Revitalizing exfoliation based on Almond oil and Dead Sea salt.

Choose between: Cocoa caresses: antidepressant and remineralizing and Algae bath: purifying and anti-cellulite

We finish the ritual with an anti-stress corporal massage that brings peace to the body and spirit thanks to the aromatic cocktail of essential oils that evoke the Empord flavour.

On site shopping


Supermercado 1024x683 1

For a greater comfort to our customers, we have a big commercial zone where you will find everything you need during your holiday. In our store you will find a variety of fresh products.


Fruteria 1024x734 1

Selling fruits and vegetables from suppliers in the region. Each day a selection of fresh products from Regio EMPORD.

Fish market


The fish shop of the campsite is located in our shopping area, next to the supermarket. The products offered are of high quality. You may find several types of fish and seafood, as well as place an order for the next day. Try it!


Panaderia 1024x683 1

Have breakfast every day with fresh bread from our bakery. You can choose also between a great variety of products provided from pastry shops in the neighborhood.

Cellar door

Cellar Door 1024x676 1

Created in the summer of 2013, our winery offers a variety of wines from the region oflEmpord?and various D.O. Just ask our experts for advice. We also do wine tastings and wine trips during the summer season.


Book Store 1024x767 1

In our bookstore we sell various types of magazine, national and international newspapers as well as the latest books and novels in all languages.


Boutique 1024x685 1

Created in season 2014, you can find gifts for friends and family, clothing for the whole family, postcards, flip flop, beach towels, etc.


Parafarmacia 1024x683 1

Here you will be able to get basic articles of para-pharmacy products. We offer special medicine delivery service, so like this is no necessary you go out from the campsite. Delivery the day after request.

On line store

Online Store

Visit the online store merchandising and find camping products. Offers and promotions throughout all the year. National and international shipments.

Medical and Dental


Hospital Figueres

  • Distance from La Ballena Alegre: 28.1km 25min
  • Opening Hours: 8am-2:30pm Mon, 8am-8pm Tue, Wed, Thu, 8am-2:30pm Fri, Sat and Sun 24hrs
  • Address: Ronda del Rector Arolas, s/n, 17600 Figueres
  • Phone: +34 972 501 400


All Emergencies Call 112

  • Distance from La Ballena Alegre: approx. 15min
  • Opening Hours: 24hr
  • Phone: 112

Public doctor

  • Distance from La Ballena Alegre: 6.6km 11min
  • Opening Hours: 24hrs
  • Address: Carrer de Mossen Salvador Jue Pujolar, 1, 17130 LEscala
  • Phone: +34 972 776 060


Clinica Dental LEscala

  • Distance from La Ballena Alegre:
  • Opening Hours: 10am-8pm Mon to Fri, 10am-1pm Sat, after hour emergencies
  • Address: Carrer del Pintor Enric Serra, 36, 17130 LEscala
  • Phone: +34 872 095 419


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