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Competitor lists are updated weekly, on Friday mornings, between 8am and 2pm Australian Daylight Savings Time.

If you have entered into an Event and do not see your name in the associated list, expect for your name to be populated the next time updates are made.

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#Skipper NameCrew NameRepresenting
1Wolfgang KornwebelUnited States
2Christopher DuttonKacey DuttonUnited States
3Gregory RaybonUnited States
4Rich McveighCarol McveighUnited States
5Robert JerryDarcie JerryUnited States
6Herbert JamesUnited States
7James GlandenUnited States
8Cameron OwenSusan GhentAustralia
9Daniel KulkoskiKathleen KulkoskiUnited States
10Stefan Michael Friedrich Hans Helmuth RumpfGermany
11Anthony KraussUnited States
12Darren SmithClaire BisgoodAustralia
13Peter BatesJuliet BatesAustralia
14Edwin WeidigMelissa WeidigUnited States
15Richard QuinnRachael QuinnAustralia
16Onno SchuitemaNetherlands
17Kevin WalmaUnited States
18Lisbeth BuonannoDominique RobertFrance
19Jorge Torres GuzmanKerry TorresUnited States
20Raymond CoxHeather MathewsAustralia
21Roderick WaterhouseKerry WaterhouseAustralia
22Nicolas LiebelLaurence LiebelCanada
23Jeffrey NewsomeMichelle EatoughUnited States
24Blair WallaceAlexandra SpiegelUnited States
25Kenneth HilkDarcy JensenUnited States
26Mark AshburnMakaela WallaceUnited States
27Frederique PfeifferFrancoise DettlingFrance
28Clifford McCartyUnited States
29James Alan WestUnited States
30Lachlan MacFarlane Sharon RaynerAustralia
31Patrick William PorterUnited States
32Christopher DunnVirginia (Ginny) D DunnUnited States
33Dafna BrownTeri McKennaUnited States
34Paul HessMary Ann HessUnited States
35Andrew Ian BoydTanzania
36Mark ModdermanGrace Anne ModdermanUnited States
37Adam AthertonUnited States

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Grand Masters

#Skipper NameCrew NameRepresenting
1John DuchatelAustralia
2Wolfgang KornwebelUnited States
3David StiemsmaGail Tinker-StiemsmaUnited States
4Geralld MohneyHeather DekoekkoekUnited States
5David HerouxBarbara PowersUnited States
6Herbert JamesUnited States
7Daniel KulkoskiKathleen KulkoskiUnited States
8Clifford Mccarty JrUnited States
9Mike MontagueUnited States
10John NekusThomas LylesUnited States
11Stephen KravitzLisa KravitzUnited States
12Philip SanchezUnited States
13Jim SajdakTina PastoorUnited States
14Randall LandisAnita LandisUnited States
15Jeffrey PerlmutterSusan StockdaleUnited States
16Roderick WaterhouseKerry WaterhouseAustralia
17Nicolas LiebelLaurence LiebelCanada
18Murray PetersonHaylee WilliamsAustralia
19Lachlan MacfarlaneSharon RaynerAustralia
20Mark AshburnMakaela WallaceUnited States
21Bruce BatemanWilliam StolbergCanada
22Tom M KorzeniewskiUnited States
23Daniel Philip FlaniganUnited States
24Pierre ArbonaBrigitte ArbonaFrance
25Roger BrownAnn SullivanUnited States
26Annette D JaggerUnited States
27Theodore JaggerUnited States

Grand Master’s entry list was last modified at 2018-12-14 11:07:25.

Great Grand Masters

#Skipper NameCrew NameRepresenting
1Graeme (Kerli) CorlettAlison CorlettAustralia
2James GlandenUnited States
3Mike LemmeLisa FitzpatrickUnited States
4Rittner WillJohn EbkenUnited States
5Tyler SimpsonUnited States
6William WhalenUnited States
7Blair WallceAlexandra SpiegelUnited States
8Dominique RobertLisbeth BuonannoFrance
9Patrick William PorterUnited States
10Paul Hess Mary Ann HessUnited States
11Steven Patrick CasterTheresa Leslie WhiteUnited States
12Jonathan Hilary Lunn
13Daniel Philip FlaniganUnited States
14Luiz Gonzaga MachadoLuiz Gonzaga MachadoBrazil

Great Grand Master’s entry list was last modified at 2018-12-14 11:09:05.


#Skipper NameCrew NameRepresenting
1Alexandra SpiegelUnited States
2Christina BradshawRuth BranscombeUnited States
3Kathleen RubinoMargaret WrayUnited States
4Barbara PerlmutterUnited States
5Alexandra LiguoriFaye RenUnited States
6Susan KorzeniewskiUnited States
7Patricia HoganUnited States
8Sandra TartaglinoCarol McveighUnited States
9Robbin MocarskiUnited States
10Katherine Anne PorterUnited States
11Dafna BrownTeri McKennaUnited States
12Julie Ann ZahniserCaroline Alexandra LockeUnited States

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#Skipper NameCrew NameRepresenting

Youth’s entry list was last modified at 2018-11-09 09:36:50.