What to Expect at Hobie 16 World Championship


What should you expect from a world championship compared to a national or continental event?

First, its very international and this by itself is a stimulating experience. You will meet Hobie sailors from around the world that speak many different languages – but all love Hobie sailing. I have sailed in the European Championships a few times and even though we dont know many sailors from Europe, its always a great opportunity to meet new people. Its always interesting how people try to yell for room at the gate in twelve different languages.

Travelling to a new place is part of the experience. I am always amazed at some of the places we go to sail. My co-workers are always surprised and say, They sail there? The travel is without a doubt an exciting component of any world championships and you sell yourself short if you dont plan extra time to experience the surrounding area.

In the past, I have sometimes flown into places just to sail and left immediately afterwards. I cant tell you how much I regret that now. Take the time and see the area. Some of the most memorable experiences are unexpected!

I can tell you a story about my trip to the grocery store in China on the bus. We couldnt read any of the labels, but we managed to buy some food and make our way to and from the grocery via public transportation. The hotel staff wrote notes for us in Chinese that we showed to the bus drivers about where we wanted to go and how to get back.

The world championship competition is very tough. You will be challenged on the water in ways you havent experienced before. This is a World Championship and everyone is really good. I recall a quote from Mick Butler, Its a World Championship, its supposed to be hard..

Are you on the fence about registering? Registration for all events is now open and now is the time to commit. You wont regret it!

Rich McVeigh
IHCA President

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