November 7, 2019 Daily Report

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22nd Hobie 16 World Championships
Captiva Island, FL
November 7, 2019 Press Release

Day two of the Hobie 16 Great Grand Masters (65 and older), Hobie 16 Grand Masters (55 and older), Hobie 16 Womens, and Hobie 16 Youth World Championship (under 21).This segment of the championships includes four different divisions rotating in sessions. The grand masters and youth sail together in two starts and share boats with the great grand masters and women who also compete together but with separate starts.
Racing started today promptly at 9:00 AM for the first session (Youth and Grand Masters divisions). Two races were sailed in easterly winds of 8-10 knots. Following the first two races, the competitors headed to shore for a session change and to swap boats with the Womens and Great Grand Masters divisions but during this session change the wind gave up for day. After an on-shore postponement the race committee wisely called it a day and allowed everyone some pool time.
In the youth division, Vladimir SOLA DIAS/Marc SELFA (CUB) have put on an impressive performance so far and lead with three firsts and a 5th. Followed by Patrick BUTLER/Caitlyn EPPS (AUS).
In the Grand Masters division, Rod and Kerry WATERHOUSE (AUS) lead followed by Murray PETERSON/Haylee WILLIAMS (AUS).
In the Great Grand Masters division, Phil SANCHEZ/Susan SATTLER-AUGUSTIN (USA) lead, followed by Mike MONTAGUE/Kathy WARD (USA).
In the Womens division, Caterina DEGLI UBERTI/Giulia ANCILLOTTI (ITA) lead, followed by Kat PORTER/Sarah ISAAK (USA).
Racing in these four divisions continues through November 8, 2019

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