November 12 2019 Daily Report

22nd Hobie 16 World Championships Photos4671

22nd Hobie 16 World Championships
Captiva Island, FL
November 12, 2019 Press Release

Hobie 16 Open World Championships day 2. No sailing today for day 2 of the semi-final round. The wind looked promising early but quickly faded to less than 4 knots. The race committee made a valiant effort to find wind but it wasnt to be. The direction shifted all day and the wind stayed below four knots. Ultimately the race committee flew AP or A cancelling racing for the day, we will try again tomorrow. Sailors spent the day on shore reconnecting with teams from around the world. Volleyball was popular as was the coconut carving contest. A tradition here in south-west Florida is to find a sea shell and throw into the water a sunset with wish. We can only guess what the wishes were but its fair bet they involved the wind.

There are two more days in semi-final round with 96 teams rotating through the 56 boats. After four days of competition the fleet will be cut to 56 for the final two days.

Tomorrows wind forecast promising breezy conditions as the strong cold front that has been crossing the USA will reach Florida.

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