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Happy New Year. Are you ready for the Hobie 16 World Championships?

The excitement continues to build as registration for the events opens and we see the names of sailors from around the world who are coming to compete. Hotel advance bookings have been very strong and we encourage everyone to make their hotel reservations early. Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States and I encourage everyone coming to explore the options and make the most of your visit. If you need advice on places to go or things to do, we are happy to help.

In 2019, you will see the world championship event sails being displayed at boat shows around the world, advertising our sponsors and promoting the event. The sponsorship team continues to attract new sponsors and you will see their logos on the boats. Hobie Cat Company also promises us some special surprises on the boats.

We will also be hosting a world championships for the Hobie 14 and Dragoon in conjunction with the European Championships in 2019. Stay tuned to www.hobieclass.com for details.

Here in North America, winter is upon us and it’s cold. Our friends in Florida continue to taunt us with Facebook photos of warm weather and sailing. There is also a very popular Hobie winter series in Florida that attracts many sailors looking to get out of the cold and do some sailing. Some people actually store their boats in Florida all winter and fly in and out to sail. We are going to make the trek south ourselves at some point this winter to sail; it’s two day drive for us. Meanwhile, here in Maryland, I am embracing the cold and continuing to sailing through the winter.

Happy Holidays!

Rich McVeigh
IHCA President